Music Easel iProgram Card

Buchla Music Easel iProgram card is the ultimate accessory to modernize your Music Easel–a flexible replacement for the original resistor-based Program Cards. It makes use of the Program Card slot and enables patch editing, patch/librarian management, and even real-time performance from an iPad via the iProgram Card App. The iProgram Card communicates with the iPad via WiFi*. The iProgram card can store up to 24 presets in local flash memory so that it can be used independently from the iPad application. Two push buttons allow the user to scroll through and load any stored preset.

The iProgram Card App includes access to all sliders, knobs, patch points on the Music Easel (except output section), as well as additional routing options not available from the Easel’s front panel. The emulated 218 touch keyboard can be latched for more arpeggiation possibilities.

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* Wireless functionality requires an accessible Wifi router or hotspot.

Purchase through authorized Buchla Dealers.