Service & Repair – Europe & Great Britain

This page is for service and repair in Europe & Great Britain and is done through our official Buchla repair / service partner, Schneidersladen. If you need service or repair in the USA or anywhere else, click here

Conditions of Warranty

If you experience an issue with your Buchla product, please get in touch with us.

  • You can open a Support Ticket by clicking the button below or at
  • If your product needs service and is within Warranty, your authorized service center is as follows:

    – North America/Everywhere Else: Buchla, Minneapolis MN, USA
    – EU/UK: Schneidersladen, Berlin, DE

  • If your product is within 1 year of sale/delivery, all parts and labor are covered on standalone devices and for modular systems when used exclusively with Buchla products and power.
  • If your product is outside of 1 year of purchase, get in touch with us, we always want to do our best to make sure that your Buchla instrument works!

For detailed Warranty coverage on Buchla products, please refer to the following:

  1. Buchla USA, LLC (Hereafter referred to as “Buchla”), warrants the proper function, free of defect due to manufacture or materials, of each Buchla product sold by Buchla or an authorized Buchla Dealer, for one year from the date of sale/delivery (Warranty Period) to the original purchaser only.
  2. Buchla’s obligation under this warranty includes service to any new hardware and its firmware at Buchla’s expense for parts and labor within the Warranty Period, if such Product is determined to have a defect as defined under this Warranty. Repair or potential replacement will be at the sole discretion of Buchla or an authorized Service Center (Schneidersladen in EU/UK, Buchla in Minneapolis in USA).
  3. Buchla will cover the cost of shipping both ways for any Warranty claim within 90 days of sale/delivery to Customer. After 90 days from sale/delivery to Customer, shipping costs to Buchla or an Authorized Service Center is the responsibility of Customer, and Buchla will cover return shipping costs after Service is complete.
  4. Buchla reserves the right to final determination on resolution for purposes of this Limited Warranty. This Warranty does not apply to damage caused by use of Product not outlined in Product documentation, including but not limited to the use of non-Buchla Product, Modules, or Cases, with third-party peripherals or power, cases, improper handling, improper installation, improper or third party maintenance, or accidental damage.
  5. Buchla is not liable for any indirect, collateral, consequential, or incidental damages or losses occurring as a result of the purchase or use of Buchla products, including but not limited to damage to other products due to improper installation, loss of data, profits, music, electronic files, or programs.

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Europe Service Center

Schneidersladen GmbH
Skalitzer Str. 135a
10999 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-6958087-70
Rate: 70 Euro per hour (net) plus VAT