LEM218 V3 / 218e V336.82/19/24Download218e-V3_User’s_Guide_v4.8.pdf

V. 36.8 - when MIDI Clock is active, arpeggiation does not trigger on first key pressed, it waits for the next clock.

Version 36 has arpeggiation clock fixes, a pitchbend pitch CV overflow fix, and improved MIDI handling. There is a new a latch function using pads 2&3, expanded the playable range in edit mode (slightly limiting MIDI channels assignment), and other small feature updates including allowing the other 2 pulse outputs and pitchbend to be controlled by MIDI input for a more comprehensive response to it's recorded MIDI output.
200e-USBFirmware Utility1.8.9 1/29/20DownloadUpdated for macOS 12.x and backward compatible to at least 10.12 (Sierra)

Occasionally, we make changes in a module’s firmware to fix software bugs or to add new features. With the Firmware Utility app can load new firmware to the USB Firmware/Utility card, and then transfer the firmware to a 200e module.
Additionally you can change the USB Utility Card to function as a bi-directional MIDI interface for a 200e system. MIDI channels 1-4 will be sent to the internal 200e MIDI busses A-D respectively and MIDI beat clock can also be sent to the bus system, or output by the 252e. The 218e can also be used to output MIDI note and velocity data.
200e-USBFirmware Utility downgrade.1.7.14/28/17DownloadUpdated to add more recent modules.
200e-USBFirmware Utility downgrade1.6710/29/15DownloadApplication for macOS 10.5 to 10.14
206eSix Channel Mixer30.21/12/12206Ev302.hex.zipFirst public release
206e/225e Preset Manager32.31/17/ Required to recognize latest set of modules including the 252e and h-series modules. NOTE: Before updating from a version prior to 31.3 backup the 225 to a card to retain preset names. If you have a 251e take it out of Remote Enable before backing up!
207eMixer / Microphone Preamp30.21/12/12207Ev302.hex.zipFirst public release
210eControl and Signal Router30.5A7/16/24210Ev305A_SSM.hex.zipCV Resolution improvement with 45x oversampling on existing hardware. Snappier UI response. 30.5 reduced code size to fit below preset memory space
210eControl and Signal Router30.21/12/12210Ev302.hex.zipFirst public release
218e31.12/29/20218Ev311.zipThree sustain pedal related fixes: 1) The 218e now senses the polarity of the sustain pedal on boot up
2) The keyboard re-triggers notes even if the key pressed is already sustained. 3) Pressure is assigned the last key pressed rather than trying to average the pressure over all the sustaining keys. This is particularly useful way to get full pressure values when arpeggiating multiple keys with the sustain pedal.
218e30.92/9/19218Ev309.zipVersion 30.9 fixes a scanning bug with key 11 on version 30.8
Version 30.8 Changed MIDI channel input from Omni response to Channel 1 response, saves configuration settings, and adds remote enable and software version reporting
223eTactile Interface Port30.11/12/12223Mv301.hex_.zipFirst public release
223eArpeggiator30.21/12/12223Av302.hex.zipFirst public release
225eMIDI Decoder30.72/15/24225Ev307_primo.zipReduced Pulse outs initial trigger length from 100ms to 2.3ms to work better with transient modes on 208C and 200 reissue modules.
225hMIDI & CV interface30.14/21/18225Hv301.zipBug fixes to internal bus channel assignment
225hMIDI & CV interface3.005/30/17225Hv300b1.hex.zipFirst public release of h-series 225h
226hCV-MIDI Interface30.112/8/18226Hv301.hexFixes a global remote enable response bug
227eSystem Interface30.11/12/12227Ev301.hex.zipFirst public release
230eTriple Envelope Tracker/Pre amp30.31/12/12230Ev303.hex.zipFirst public release
249eDual Arbitrary Function Generator30.33/7/12249Ev303.hex.zipSequence changes happen immediately.
250eArbitrary Function Generator30.6 12/10/
250eArbitrary Function Generator30.51/12/12250Ev305.hex.zipFirst public release
251eQuad Sequential Voltage Source30.76/16/12251Ev307.hex.zipMore reliable button debouncing. NOTE: Make sure your Preset Manager has been updated to 31.7 or greater BEFORE updating the 251e.
252eBuchla Polyphonic Rythm Generator30.212/20/
256eControl Voltage Processor30.35/7/12256Ev303.hex.zipFix for knob changing multiple values after preset load.
257eControl Voltage Processor30.21/25/18257Ev302.zipBug fix to properly recognize the Module ID switch.
257eControl Voltage Processor30.11/12/12257Ev301.hex.zipFirst public release
259eComplex Waveform Generator30.85/7/12259Ev308.hex.zipFix slew on pitch CV.
260eDuophonic Pitch Class Generator30.11/12/12260Ev301.hex.zipFirst public release
261eComplex Waveform Generator30.21/12/12261Ev302.hex.zipFirst public release
266eSource of Uncertainty30.11/12/12266Ev301.hex.zipFirst public release
267eUncertainty Source / Dual Filter30.11/12/12267Ev301.hex.zipFirst public release
272ePolyphonic Tuner31.010/1/18272Ev310b1.zipWith version 31.0, slots are permanently assigned upon scanning. But the frequency at the time of the preset save (even if not a saved slot) will be restored initially when the preset is called up. (With 30.8, changing stations by hand will remain saved but are not assigned globally.)
272ePolyphonic Tuner30.812/29/ Some users prefer the flexibility of version 30.8, while others prefer the stations globally assigned radio frequencies of version 30.9
281eQuad Function Generator30.21/12/12281Ev302.hex.zipFirst public release
281hDual Function Generator30.2h3/31/16281Ev302_is_h.hex.zipSame as 281e code but ensure h-series 281 uses internal bus A&B
285eFrequency Shifter30.21/12/12285Fv302.hex.zipFirst public release
285eBalanced Modulator30.21/12/12285Bv302.hex.zipFirst public release
291eTriple Morphing Filter30.11/12/12291Ev301.hex_.zipFirst public release
292eQuad Dynamics Manager 30.411/2/14292Ev304.hex.zipBug fixes
292hDual Dynamics Manager 30.44/25/19292Ev304h.hex.zipFixes issue where crackle in channel A could heard when turning knob B
296eSpectral Processor30.34/11/