The EASEL Program Manager Card

Store your best sonic memories on the EASEL Program Manager Card! The PMC takes full advantage of the program interface, storing up to 48 Easel presets and interfacing with your computer with a class-compliant MIDI connection. The EASEL Program Manager App for Mac and Windows gives you the power to manage banks, create programs, and import and export your presets for sharing.

Evolution of an idea

The program interface’s edge card connector was originally designed to let artists create presets by wiring resistors to a circuit board to fix the positions of the sliders and banana connections. Each preset was its own card. Simply swapping cards in the program interface completely changed the sound. This was valuable, if not outright necessary, to musicians who needed to easily recreate patches for performance and create repertoire. The 2013 “iProgram Card” created a vital link between computer and Easel. Now, in 2022, Buchla USA has refreshed and simplified the design, giving it more memory, embed-ability, and making it easier to use.

Virtual Solder Station

While you can still solder up some sounds for all generations of the Easel, the new Program Manager Card provides microcontroller precision and computer convenience. Serving as the digital bridge between your computer’s USB port and the 28 pins of the Program Interface, the PMC gives you instant recall and easy access to 48 unique programs that control almost every parameter and patchpoint on the Easel’s front panel. Repeatability and repertoire are made instantly available.

Computer Precision

Using the EASEL Program Manager Application in Mac or Windows to design presets gives you even more programming options than the Easel’s front panel controls. The unique “Depth” controls for the patch cords put a virtual knob on every cable, allowing gradual and even inverted connection for every patch point. The fine resolution provided by high resolution controls means you can dial in extremely precise values for parameters, in a way not easily achieved by hand. The application serves as an endless extension to the Program Manager, with nearly unlimited space for presets and banks.

Sharing is Fun

Import and Export features make it easy to backup or share your presets and complete banks with other Easel musicians in a simple, small file.

Adventure Awaits

With the optional embed kit, you can install the Program Manager card directly into your easel, replacing the Program Interface connector with the screen and buttons. Embedding the card makes it easier to control and travel with.

What about the iProgram Card?

The EASEL Program Manager Card is an updated version of the iProgram Card. With a firmware update that we’ll be providing very shortly, you can use the new software with your iProgram Card over a USB connection.


The Program Manager Card is compatible out-of-the-box with the Easel Command 208C and upcoming Music Easel. It can be used with the 2013-2017 Music Easels with a DIY modification to the card’s connectors or to the Easel itself.

Download the EASEL Program Manager software

The EASEL Program Manager system is composed of the card itself that installs into your EASEL, and Mac/Windows software where you design and manage presets.


Version 1.0.5
Requirements: OSX 10.12+ 
There may be an incompatibility with early versions of Ventura (13.4.1).
Ventura 13.5.1 is working properly.


Version 1.0.5
Requirements: Windows 7 or 10, 64bit

Use the card

This video explains how to use the card and software in complete detail. If you are just starting out, watch from start to finish!

Embed the card

Use the optional embed kit to install the card into your EASEL, making it easier to view the screen and keep a lower profile. The kit is available from Buchla direct or select retailers.

Download some presets

The Card comes programmed with a selection of presets. We also have banks from some of our favorite Buchla artists!

IMPORTANT! BEFORE YOU IMPORT THE NEW ARTIST BANKS, first download and install the new 1.0.5 version of the Program Manager software to ensure the tags import properly!

Download, upzip and import on application banks screen:

Artist Banks:
Todd Barton Bank
Rachel Aiello Bank
Kurt Kurasaki Bank

Factory Program Bank:
Factory Program Bank