292e Quad Dynamics Manager

The 292e Quad Dynamics Manager is functionally identical to the original 292, with the addition of two new features: Velocity control and parameter storage.

The 292e sports four independent voltage-controlled amplifiers. Each has a signal input and output, a control voltage input that varies the unit’s gain from -120dB to 3dB, an offset adjustment, and a velocity input. The latter adds further control to the gain when employed and is transparent when unconnected.

A switch selects one of three operating modes: straight gate (VCA), lowpass filter (VCF), or a combination of the two, in which the spectral response varies as the gain is changed.

Frequency domain gating imparts a dynamic tonal variation that gives the listener a sense of absolute loudness. This quality is characteristic of all acoustic instruments (the harder you strike, pluck, or blow, the richer the overtone structure). A mix of the four output signals is also provided.

The settings of the 292e can be stored and recalled using the 225e or 206e Preset Manager.

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