Announcing the Music Easel

Fifty years in the making, the new Music Easel from Buchla will be available to order in June! Sign up for our email list for news and how to get yours as soon as possible. Delivery for orders placed in June expected in Fall of 2023.


★ Exquisite Instrument Ergonomics ★
★ Extraordinary CV Patching Capabilities ★
★ Unlimited Sound Potential ★
★ The 208c and new 218e with Touchstrip ★
★ Additional CV Processing ★

Meet the rest of the family

Easel Command 208C

Thanks to early innovations in modular synthesizer design, the Music Easel’s core sound source, the 208C, is available as a standalone, patchable instrument. Dubbed “The Easel Command” it offers MIDI connectivity, USB connections, and a handsome, wood-eared case.

The LEM218

Recently released, the LEM 218 is the standalone Buchla, CV, and MIDI controller with the innovative and essential “Touch Activation.” Ready to integrate with all the wonders in your studio, the Lunar Exploration Module is ready for your creative input..

Ltd. Edition Anniversary Easel

Taking cues from the original from 1973, the Anniversary Easel is built into a powder blue aluminum case, with gold keys on the 218 touch surface, Rogen knobs, and a wealth of unique surprises.