218e v3 Module Only


218e Module comes with an E2h power adapter so your 218e module is ready to install in a Buchla 200e case. There is also a new breakout with USB C, sustain input, and the ability to connect to a computer to update firmware. If you require this breakout, please email us when you place your order. This breakout can also be ordered if you have an existing 218e that you are migrating into a 200e case. Just let us know.

This is the module only. If you are looking for the LEM218, click here: https://buchla.com/product/lem218/

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Capacitive Magic

The incredible sensitivity and accuracy of the redesigned touch bed means the lightest touch will produce triggers and control voltage for your setup. The adjustable sensor has the dynamic range and durability to handle your playing. The new texture not only improves the sensing, but provides a satisfying tactile experience. As always, pressure is an expressive output, adding an extra dimension to the control. The new touchstrip adds a fantastic addition to patch into your system


A pulse input allows the arpeggiator to be driven by external inputs and are allowed to interact with the automated notes to make the pattern more complex. Additional controls allow you to blend different patterns and randomness to easily change from the expected to the surprising


The classic preset voltage knobs offer several possible ways to shift your sounds into new territory. Not only can the knobs be used for quick access to voltages for your patch, they can control arpeggiation modes and octave shifting. Pads output pulses for additional control

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218e or 218e B stock

218e, 218e B-Stock