219 Classic Reissue – Compound Touch Controlled Voltage Source – PREORDER


Shipping: Spring 2024

Only a handful of the little-known original Model 219 were ever made, but this keyboard offers all the expressive, open-ended touch possibilities you’d associate with Buchla, plus more extras than you might ever have imagined. The reissued Model 219 recreates the original four-octave range with a whopping 38 outputs – sufficient functional density and diversity to facilitate responsive control of elaborate configurations.

Polyphonic operation is musically logical—a sustained voice is not “stolen” by a trill; pressure outputs respond only to the activating keys. And expressive touch controls open up precise tuning and sensitive performance possibilities. Initiate events, address segments of function generators, or apply other control concepts.

All of the design elements are accurate to the original, with only the substitution of modern joysticks (since the bespoke originals are long gone), and MIDI breakout capabilities.

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  • 48 touch-sensitive keys
  • Four octaves and eight separate sections
  • 38 outputs in total
  • Two, three, or four-voice polyphony, or monophonic operation with portamento
  • One 8-key section with individually tunable keys
  • Separate and common pulse outputs
  • Equal interval (1.2v/octave) voltage output with status indicators
  • Left +/- keys impact octave up/down
  • Right +/- touch keys apply pitch bend with dedicated bipolar CV output
  • 2 joysticks with 0-10v output range for X and Y position
  • 3 dedicated keys with pulse and pressure for adding articulation
  • Frequency modulation can be applied to output (for tremolo, etc.)
  • Buffered digital output for interfacing to digital processors
  • Breakout board with MIDI in/out (over separate connections and class-compliant USB)