259 Classic Reissue – Programmable Waveform Generator – PREORDER


Shipping: Spring 2024

The Buchla reissue of the Model 259 reproduces the original, unmatched sound with expanded tracking up to 10 octaves for greater sonic potential. The 259 features all-analog timbral circuitry, so it suffers none of the aliasing of digital wavetables. You get fully voltage-controlled modulation of pitch, amplitude with a multi-octave range owners of the original could only fantasize about.

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  • Two oscillators, principal and modulation, with 27.5 – 7040 Hz range (.25 – 64 Hz LFO mode, or A1 – A9 quantized pitch mode)
  • 3 waveshapes (saw, square, triangle) on modulation oscillator
  • Dedicated sine and square outputs
  • Modulation control with CV input, modulation index, and CV attenuverter
  • Phase lock, amplitude modulation, pitch modulation, and timbre modulation switches
  • 220 Hz autotune feature with low/high range switch
  • Frequency modulation inputs with independent keyboard input and CV control (with attenuverter)
  • Even and odd symmetry and harmonics controls with CV inputs
  • Phase lock input with gain
  • 1.2v/octave tracking, now with reliable response across a full 10 octaves