266 Classic Reissue – Source of Uncertainty



Buchla Classic Reissue of the Source of Uncertainty Model 266.

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The Buchla Classic Reissue of the Source of Uncertainty Model 266 provides a general source of musical unpredictability. Operation is divided into several sections, each of which perform a unique function.

Three type of noise are available, with corresponding dedicated outputs. White noise is electrically flat, but acoustically balanced toward the high end of the spectrum ( 3 db/octave). Integrated white noise has a low spectral bias (-3 db/octave). Musically flat noise has a flat spectrum (constant energy per octave) and is a particularly useful source for subsequent processing.

Fluctuating Random Voltages are continuously variable, with voltage control of bandwidth over the range of .05Hz to 50Hz, making possible changes that vary from barely perceptible movement to rapid fluctuation.

Quantized Random Voltages change upon receiving pulses. The number of states is voltage-controllable.

The 266 also includes a Stored Random Voltages section, a voltage controlled Integrator and a Sample and Hold.