296 Classic Reissue – Programmable Spectral Processor – PREORDER


Shipping: Spring 2024

The Buchla reissue of the Model 296 brings back a rare spectral tool that can perform as a real-time performance filter, a programmable compound equalizer, and even as a spectrum-transferring vocoder. It’s a sophisticated 16-channel bandpass filter combined with 16 dedicated VCAs and built-in analysis and synthesis capability. It also has both signal outputs with VCAs and separate envelope follower outputs for each band.

The center frequencies on the 296 are carefully chosen to complement the ear’s natural discrimination curve, with intricate transformations via dedicated VCA input and envelope follower outputs. Modulation input on response curves can create extraordinary creative spectral effects. You can create curves in real-time as well as freeze them to store instantaneous envelopes.

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  • 16 bandpass filters
  • 16 VCAs – one per band
  • 16 envelope follower outputs
  • Comb filter (even/odd), attenuator (even/odd/all), and programmed outputs (even/all/odd)
  • Adjustable envelope decay times (short/long/combo)
  • 16-band graphic equalizer operation: center frequency displayed on each band
  • 8-band vocoder: Split a single 296 into two 8-band filters with internal vocoding connections
  • 16-band vocoder (with two modules): cascade two 296s using the behind-the-panel connection – one will perform spectral analysis, and one synthesis
  • Even/odd spectrum transfer with dedicated pre-emphasis controls (for smoothing velocity response when vocoding)
  • Program Control pot for sweeping through frequency range (100-10kHz), with CV control (and CV attenuator)