296e Spectral Processor


A 16 channel bandpass filter with built-in analysis and synthesis capability, the 296e can function as a real time performance filter, a programmable compound equalizer and even as a spectrum transferring vocoder.

Center frequencies are selected to complement the ear’s discrimination curve. Each frequency band has its own VCA input and envelope follower output, allowing for rather intricate transformations. The 296e can be split into two 8 band filters, with vocoding interconnections internally provided, or two 296e’s can be cascaded (with a behind-the-panel connection) with one performing spectral analysis, and the other synthesis.

A unique user interface can present instantaneous envelopes, thus creating a real time spectrum display, or two response curves may be entered, stored and edited in real time. Modulation may be applied to the response curves, creating some rather strange effects, and a “freeze” facility allows for storage of the instantaneous envelopes.

Envelope decay times are adjustable, and pre-emphasis may be applied to smooth the frequency response when vocoding.

The 296e’s firmware exceeds the memory card capacity; our new 200eUSB MAC compatible firmware card is necessary to download new firmware.

All settings can be stored as presets in systems with a 225e or a 206e preset manager.

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