Program Manager Embed Kit


The embedding kit allows the Program Manager Card to embedded into an Easel Command 208c AND the new Music Easel’s EMBIO module. Embedding the Card into your Easel Command makes it easier to travel and easier to read the screen. Provided in the kit are faceplates, cabling, and shims that allow the card to sit inside the Easel Command case or the EMBIO module, giving front-panel access to the USB connection, buttons, and display. If you are handy with a couple tools, you can make this happen! You can get the Embed Kit from our dealers or direct from Buchla.



The Program Manager Embed kit includes:

Hardware and fasteners pack (screws, nuts, washers, standoffs)
Switch Board
Easel Command face plate
Easel Command display mount
Easel EMBIO face plates
Ribbon Cable

(Program Manager & Easel Command not included)